Tips for Choosing Between Plastic or Metal Types of Media Slurry Tanks

When choosing media slurry tanks, one of the main considerations a business owner will need to make first is whether a plastic or metal tank will be best for their application. While both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, much of the decision will be based on how the properties of the fluids being used in the tank will be affected by the type of material used in the tank. Because of this, it is important for a business owner or other person in charge of selecting this type of equipment to have a good understanding of both products.

Most people tend to consider metal products, particularly stainless steel, as the best option for these types of applications because it is strong and durable. High temperatures and most substances used in these types of tanks will not cause the tank to crack or cause damage the integrity of the unit. Stainless steel is also able to withstand the use of vacuum or high pressures in the processes they handle In addition, stainless steel is hygienic, easy to keep clean and it has a shiny look as well.

While stainless steel can seem like the perfect choice in many situations, there are also times when it is not a good idea due to the chemicals being used or the processes they require. In such cases, it may be a good idea for a businessperson to consider the benefits plastic tanks can offer. Most plastic tanks are molded from polypropylene or polyethylene materials. These types of tanks can be a great choice because in most situations they can offer the same advantages of a metal tank, but at a lower price.

Plastic tanks are generally able to tolerate most of the same substances as a metal tank. However, there are some solvents, detergents, petroleum and other types of products, which may cause the unit to have issues and cause problems. In addition, if the fluids being used are of a high temperature or under too much pressure, a plastic tank may not be able to handle them.

The main advantage of a plastic tank can be in its ability to withstand pitting. Some chemicals and other substances can cause pitting in stainless steel tanks. When this happens bacteria can form, which makes the metal tank unusable for certain pharmaceutical and food applications, in such cases plastic can be the better choice.